Testimonials/Customer Dogs

Dave Alvarez (Oklahoma)
A short note to thank you again for selling me ‘ TINK “….He is everything you said he would be and more….A great tournament dog and this fall he proved to be fantastic on wild birds in both MONTANA and WISCONSIN…..Most of all, his behavior in the house and around other dogs is testimony to your early training and socializing skills …. GREAT JOB !!!!!!
Shawna Navenus (Canada)
Gretchen is such a wonderful, sweet girl. My parents ended up renaming her “Willow” and she is such a smart little bird hunter and is constantly stalking and running around the property. She may also be just a little bit spoiled. She has such a sweet personality and all of the hunters who come to the lodge just love her. My parents own a hunting lodge on Vancouver Island, BC (Canada) with 67 acres and she has the run of about 20 acres around the house where she is non stop moving. We also get to enjoy her at our house as she comes once a week to visit with the kids while my mom does her shopping. The kids have nicknamed her “Willow the Pillow” as she is constantly trying to snuggle them and sit on their laps. I have included a couple pictures that I have of her at our house. She has really been a wonderful addition to the family.


Jamisen Hancock ( Texas)

I bought a 4 yr old setter from Bruce that had been competing in NSTRA.  I bought the dog without looking at him and he was all that he said he was!!  I am very happy with him and trialing him in Texas successfully.   I will champion Speck very shortly.  I only need 1 point left  and have all 3 First place points!    I would buy another dog from Bruce Murphy.


Craig Braby ( Iowa)

I had a 4 year old German shorthair that had a lot of issues with taking steps on his birds and not retrieving to hand.   He wasn’t backing well either and I had worked with him to try to fix the problems.   I sent him to Bruce Murphy to see if he could straighten him out.   Bruce went back to the basics and started yard work all over again and collar conditioned him.    A few months laterBruce showed me the dog.  He hit his birds well and didn’t talk a step and was backing and retrieving to hand.  So well that I ran him in NSTRA trials and he did his work VERY well.   I would recommend Bruce to people  to train young dogs or older ones that may need some tuning.


Blake Wakefield ( Nebraska)

I contacted Bruce Murphy looking for a  stud for my female.  We live in Nebraska and wanted to breed to Vinn’s Buck Naked who is a very well-known dog around Nebraska.   I was told that Buck could no longer breed. We brought our female to Bruce and had planned on staying  a couple days after she was bred. But unfortunately when we got there she was not allowing him to breed her.  Bruce suggested that it may be too early and if I wanted he would keep my female and breed her when she was ready.  We did that and four days later he bread her.   The breeding was successful and we had a VERY nice litter of pups!!

I did keep one of the pups and she is GREAT!   Nice solid heads and quick learners.  I would recommend using King for a stud dog.


2 x NSTRA CH Pence’s Hook Line and Sinker

lucy 015-6910

3 x NSTRA CH, Regional CH  Rawhides Blazin Lucy Lu

 Jerimy Pence (Oklahoma)

I met Bruce a few years ago while answering a dog classified add. I told him I was looking to buy a couple well started dogs. I told him that I was planning on trialing them. He then told me that he had a couple that would fit the bill. I decided to give them a try. He shipped them to me even though I didn’t know what I was about to get into. After several Championships and Regional Championships, as well as back to back HI-POINT titles, I knew I had made the right choice. Bruce is a man of his word and stands behind the dogs he sells and trains.
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